Diseases in tonsils

  • Tonsillar hypertrophy
  • tonsillitis acute, chronic and recurrent
  • tonsillar stones
  • peritonsillar abscess

Types of tonsillectomies

  • by dissection and snare – extracapsular electrocautery extracapsular
  • extracapsular tonsillectomy using ligasure/ harmonic scalpel
  • microdebrider assisted tonsil debulking- intracapsular
  • coblation assisted extracapsular
  • coblation assisted intrcapsular
  • coblation / microdebrider assisted tonsillotomy

Which is the best Tonsillectomy?

It depends on age of patient and the disease for recurrent tonsillitis- extracapsular is better. As a part of Adenoidectomy tonsillotomy done to prevent size increase as a part of procedures for snoring and sleep apnea intracapsular preferred.

What complication can happen in extra capsular tonsillectomy?

In extracapsular tonsillectomy the remaining is raw muscles and exposed vessels, that area needs to heal, takes about 2 – 3 weeks. Here bleeding can happen in 1st 24 hours when done with dissection and snare method hence patient need to stay for 24hrs after surgery between day 7 and 10 there could be bleed secondary to infection of healing area needs patient to get admitted injection to control bleeding.

What are the complications of intracapsular tonsillectomy?

In intracapsular tonsillectomy the capsule is preserved and may retain minimal tonsil tissue. So, the raw area is protected by tonsil capsule and tonsillar remanent no significant risk of bleeding needing admission. Pain is least in this procedure. Tonsils can get infected any time in life.

How long will it take to recover after tonsilectomy

  • Extracapsular- around 2 weeks
  • Intracapsular- normal activities by 3-5 days
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