What is snoring?

It’s a sound produced by vibrating of upper air passage due to partial collapse of air passage while sleeping.

Should we treat snoring?

Depending on what area of sleep disorder breathing patient is in

  • mildest – Primary
  • Snorer- surgery for social reason
  • moderate- upper airway resistance- treat to stop progressing
  • Severe- Obstructive Sleep Apnoea- needs treatment

Snoring in children

Snoring in children is curable. Snoring with mouth breathing is a sign of adenoid enlargement, here mouth breathing is a major issue which alters face development. Mouth breathing should be treated as early as possible to avoid dental deformity.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

when air flow though nose and mouth is blocked for more than 10 seconds. Person suffering tend to fall asleep even while sitting idle Can lead to stoke, heart disease, depression, forgetfulness.

more about sleep apnea

How is primary snoring treated?

lifestyle changes like weight reduction, Medical treatment of nasal blocks due to allergy or chronic sinusitis, Surgical treatment using coblation and radiofrequency.

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