What causes Obstructive sleep apnea?

during deep phase of sleep muscles which keep upper air passages open relaxes causes to reduce the diameter of airways causing to suck more inwards resulting in block of airway in presence of breathing effort.

What are the symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Snoring- loud, irregular, breaks in pattern Increased sleepiness, increased tiredness, Memory loss, irritability, loss of libido

Can Obstructive sleep apnoea be cured

CPAP, BIPAP, mouth piece – does not cure weight reduction and surgery can cure

What is Obstructive sleep apnoea test?

sleep study- will give the severity of OSA Sleep endoscopy- identify areas causing obstruction Dynamic MRI is also useful

What are the treatment options for Obstructive sleep apnoea?

lifestyle modification Medical to relieve nasal block and gastric reflux Surgery to relive obstruction – using barbed sutures and Coblation over palate, tongue base, epiglittis, Septum and turbinates Some patients with BMI>40 are treated by Bariatric surgery in children Adenoidectomy and tonsil surgery may be performed.

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