Nasal Septum Surgery

When does a person get nasal septal surgery done?

If patent is having persistent nose block, headache, persistent sinusitis, bleeding from nose, sleep apnea.

How is deviated nasal septum identified?

Clinical examination is enough aided with endoscopy for better details CT of sinuses are taken if associated with sinusitis.

How is nasal septal deviation treated?

It is treated only if there is significant discomfort to patient. Treatment is surgical- septoplasty, submucous resection.

Is there a minimum age required to do septal surgery?

Patient should be above 17 yrs. in submucous resection. There is no restriction in age for doing septoplasty.

How many days it takes to recover after septoplasty?

Septoplasty can be done as daycare surgery. Better not to physically strain for next 2 weeks.

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