Migraines are neurological diseases that have certain triggers and run in families

What causes migraine?

Triggers such as work stress, exams, underlying pain, hunger, bright lights, Irregular sleep pattern, poor quality of light, neck and shoulder pain, certain foods and smells.

what are the symptoms of migraine?

It is possible to experience a headache on one side, spread to another side, and alternate between the two sides. Hearing sounds or looking at light will cause a severe headache. Other neurological findings may accompany nausea and vomiting. Black spots and flashes can be seen in association with nausea and vomiting.

How can migraine be treated?

The treatment is based on the number of episodes per month. If less than 2, take medicines at time of migraine. Take medicines to prevent episodes if you experience more than two per month. If you are experiencing more than 15 episodes per month despite medicines, Botox injections are recommended to prevent triggers.

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