Daycare surgery

What is Daycare surgery?

Daycare surgery is otherwise known as ambulatory surgery. Ambulatory surgery means after surgery they can go home after few hours. Daycare surgeries can be done under local or regional or general anesthesia.

Why to prefer daycare surgery?

Most ENT surgeries due to newer technology can be done as Daycare. By doing Daycare surgery the treatment cost is reduced. Insurance companies are accepting daycare surgeries.

What surgeries can be done as daycare?

  • Coblation tonsil surgery
  • Coblation adenoid surgery
  • Endoscopic ear surgery to close hole in ear drum
  • Endoscopic nose surgery for sinusitis and nose block
  • Coblation snoring surgery
  • Surgery for voice change due to vocal nodule or polyps
  • Surgeries and procedures done under local anaesthesia

Who should not undergo daycare surgery?

Those who have other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or lung diseases. Children less than 3 years, people older than 65. Those living far, taking more than 1 hour by road to reach hospital.

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